No point wonders…. fruit and veg!! 

  Includes: lettuce, tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, spring onion, 1 egg, a few olives, capers and balsamic vinegar. just 4 tasty points.  Breakfast: melon, banana, grapes and a little defrosted red fruit 0 points.  Asda chilli sauce, garlic and chilli stir fry, egg fried noodles and extra mange tout. 4 portion which makes lunch for … More No point wonders…. fruit and veg!! 

KFC fakeaway meal

I tried this at my daughter in laws and was hooked, it’s a syn free version of KFC. Looking on the net, there are many variations and I’d imagine most combinations would work.  Recipe for my version of the KFC Chicken:  4 medium chicken breasts (or cuts of chicken of your choice)  8 tablespoons of … More KFC fakeaway meal

Day 33

A happy Friday !!! So happy, but I’ve had my 2 gin and tonics, been waffling away to the hubby and forgot to blooming take a photo of my dinner…omg!!! Any way breakfast as above, just tonnes of fruit (much of it super free!!)  For lunch, Pastrami salad with spicy beetroot, olives (2) and blue … More Day 33

Day 17

Breakfast: Overnight oats made with bananas, treacle mullerlight and porridge oats (heB) Lunch: chicken risotto Dinner: chilli chips, onion, 2 light babybels (heB), salad and a splash of mayo (2) (not quite the chippy style but they made do) Snacks: 1/2 a bakewell tart (5), a curly wurly (6) Still 💯% on track and actually … More Day 17

Meal planning

For me, weekly pre-planning my meals is not only cost effective, it reduces the risk of sabotage and temptation! I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve rushed and neglected any lunch preparation; grabbing a bag of crisps and a sugary chew bar and then buying a lazy lunch (when the deli van stops at … More Meal planning