3lb down, the ‘WWay’ to go!

No count

Well it’s took me a while to get my head round things! I’ve ordered cookbooks and guides from the weightwatchers site so hopefully I can soon get back to coooking diet dinners. But I’ve persevered!!!

Have opted for a while to use the ‘no count’ plan. It’s sort of slimming world but tweaked. Slimming bread IS allowed which is great; so bacon butties are back on the menu! All fruit, veg and lean meat are free so basically it’s a healthy meal plan where you count your treats.

Exploring the app, there is so much information on there. The ability to photograph a product barcode is fabulous as I can never get caught out when I’ve my phone on me. The App also has a connect section where the community gather and share stories… it’s so inpsirational, and with the encouraging emails and personal messages left on the app, and my fitbit linked in so earning points and getting additional points, I am really impressed… it is putting SW to shame! 

I’ve lost 3lb in a week, and can’t weight to see what the next few weeks hold!

Day 34

Happy Faterday!! Yep you’ve guessed it, I’ve had my usual Saturday fail, though at least I’m pretty much on track 6-7 days which can’t be that bad…

Started the day with a frylite slice of bread (heB) and mushrooms fried with a little quark stirred in.

Lunch was left over curry for last night, I also added a bag of quavers (6)

Dinner, my fakeaway KFC

The a gin, and 2 glasses of wine.. and a bag of maltezers… ouch!!! Confessions of a gannet!!! 

 An on track tomorrow – I’ll try to make Sunday a non Synday!

Mediterranean Cod and new potatoes

What a gorgeous dinner to make, full of flavour, healthy and satisfying.. I added my olives after cooking as hubby ‘doesn’t do olives’ but it didn’t spoil the taste… 

if not using the PKP, I would steam the potatoes and veg and would have put the ingredients in a baking dish and cooked them for 30 mins in the oven, covering the dish with tin foil… 

so what you’ll need is…

  • 500g cherry tomatoes,
  • Garlic
  • Cod portions ( I used two) 
  • 2 tsps capers
  • Frylite
  • Salt
  • Squeeze of lemon
  • Black olives

Cooked in the PKP for 8 minutes. I steamed new potatoes and green beans in the PKP also and poured myself a 175g glass of white wine just because I deserve it!!! 
Please excuse the wire on my steam tray… one fault of the PKP is the rubbish handles on the steam tray… however, I’m a creative, innovative OT and have made one out of wire to avoid burning my fingers 😉

My garlic didn’t spread, but after dishing up, I stirred this into the liquid and spooned the sauce on top… go on.. give it a go!!!