Day 7 More fruit and veg wanted? Yes please

Melon, grapes, kiwi and a banana


Spinach, lettuce, Cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, 1 boiled egg, 2 bacon medallions and some low fat cottage cheese


Ratouille with courgettes, onion, mushrooms, leek, peppers, tinned toms, black eyed beans, chickpeas chicken stock

I think there is a strong possibility I may sprout leaves!!! I’ve drank pints of water (and not a drop of wine), had no extra off limits treats, just a bowl of freshly popped corn and an additional banana. 


No point wonders…. fruit and veg!! 

Lunch-Tuna salad

Includes: lettuce, tuna, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, spring onion, 1 egg, a few olives, capers and balsamic vinegar. just 4 tasty points.

Breakfast-Fruity breakfast

Breakfast: melon, banana, grapes and a little defrosted red fruit 0 points.

Dinner-Asda stir fry

Asda chilli sauce, garlic and chilli stir fry, egg fried noodles and extra mange tout. 4 portion which makes lunch for tomorrow. Just 9 points.

I’m back in business, back to chopping, peeling, boiling, weighing, measuring, and watching every morsel that goes into my mouth…. I’m going for the ‘greengrocers gut’ look, fruit and veg galore, with plenty of water (been on the toilet most of the day!). May only be day 2 but I’m in the zone!!! I have had 2 small wines but have measured them and they are only 3 points a glass…. (120ml) hallelujah!!! so onward and upward… here I come!! 

Snack-Wine measure

2 x small 120 mls of merlot 6very worthy points

End of the day:

Day 2

Flippin heck, I’ve only gone and jumped ship!!!

I pondered for a good 30 minutes then took the drastic step and went over to the dark side!!! I’m pretty scared, it’s new territory and I’m totally lost at present but I’ll make it through I’m sure!!

I have come to the decision, I’m just a gannet!! I pile the freebies onto my plate and I have not been honestly accounting for a dash of mayo, an extra chocolate out the box… so something drastic had to happen.

My weight is sneakily creeping up (not helped by love of weekend alcohol) and I’m no spring chicken… the older I have got the more difficult it is to shift the pounds…

So for £12.95, I’ve committed to a month of online WW… still getting my head round the smart points but I have a quota (30 a day) and also a flexible 28 for use as and when needed. I have an online diary and know for me, recording it visibly works.. so maybe… possibly it’ll work… I’ll keep you posted of course!!!

Wish me luck 😬!!!

Day 1

Big Mac in a bowl 

We were’t sure what to have for dinner, and being that I’ve not been in the slimming world frame of mind lately, I was thinking a take away?, some junk food? Then I thought, hmm I’d try the Big Mac in a bowl and see if it satisfies my synful cravings and it did, so filling with masses of lettuce yet tasty enough to make you think you’re being a little naughty….

So if you’re thinking, hmmm maybe,…  You Will Need

  • 1 packet of extra lean steak mince (5% fat or less)
  • 1 chopped onion
  • A little Garlic and seasoning

With oodles of this on your plates…

  • pickles (gherkins). As many as you like.
  • Lashings and lashings of chopped Iceberg Lettuce
  • Cucumber slices
  • Tomato slices
  • Dairlea Light Processed Cheese or similar. 4 slices (Healthy Extra A) We had Stilton though.
  • 2 tbsp extra-light mayo ( 2 syns)

1. Chop onion and add fry in frylite to soften, then add the mince. Add salt and pepper and a little garlic and cook until it becomes a little crispy ( not over cooking).

2. Layer the plate with plenty of crispy iceberg lettuce.

3. When the mince and onion have cooked,  spread the mince on top of the lettuce on the plate.

4. Add the tomatoes, cucumber and gherkins. Crumble or Tear up the slices of cheese and add the cheese pieces on top.

6. Serve with actifried chips and Enjoy.

Day 34

Happy Faterday!! Yep you’ve guessed it, I’ve had my usual Saturday fail, though at least I’m pretty much on track 6-7 days which can’t be that bad…

Started the day with a frylite slice of bread (heB) and mushrooms fried with a little quark stirred in.

Lunch was left over curry for last night, I also added a bag of quavers (6)

Dinner, my fakeaway KFC

The a gin, and 2 glasses of wine.. and a bag of maltezers… ouch!!! Confessions of a gannet!!! 

 An on track tomorrow – I’ll try to make Sunday a non Synday!

KFC fakeaway meal

I tried this at my daughter in laws and was hooked, it’s a syn free version of KFC. Looking on the net, there are many variations and I’d imagine most combinations would work. 

Recipe for my version of the KFC Chicken: 

  • 4 medium chicken breasts (or cuts of chicken of your choice) 
  • 8 tablespoons of smash
  • 2 teaspoon oregano 
  • 2 teaspoon chilli powder 
  • 2 teaspoon ground sage 
  • 2 teaspoon basil 
  • 2 teasppon pepper 
  • 1 oxo cube
  • 4 teaspoons paprika 
  • 2 teaspoon garlic powder 
  • 2 teaspoon garlic salt 
  • 2 beaten eggs 


  • Slice the chicken breasts into nuggets, goujons or to the size of your liking
  • Put smash into a bowl and add all of the seasonings and mix until everything is blended together to create your coating. 
  • Crack the eggs and mix together.  
  • Dip the chicken portions into the egg and then into the smash mixture and repeated to get an even coating. 

    Bake the chicken in the oven for 20-25 mins on a medium to high heat, until cooked through.  Because I was waiting for the the chunky chips (par boiled and cooked for about 40 minutes) I most proberly cooked the chicken for about 40 mins too.

    Cut one of the thickest bits to make sure it is cooked in the middle. 

    Day 32

    Happy Thursday! And as it is practically the weekend, I started the day with a couple of boiled eggs!!! I have to confess, there is a gadget involved in cooking my eggs and without it, well I just wouldn’t be able to cook them…

    There it is, the perfect egg boiler, and it’s Cheap as chips, well eggs from Amazon – less than £2 I think but as it makes my eggs fabulous, worth every penny!! 

    So today, as stated, 

    Breakfast: 2 (perfectly cooked) boiled eggs, 3 ryvita (heB) and breaking the rules, had butter (2) on them which I know is synful but, hey, I’m worth it 😉

    Lunch: my vegetable and vegetable pasta, low fat cheese (heA) and afterwards, a massive tub of melon with grapes, 

    Dinner: as a meal for one was in need, I went to Iceland and bought a Thai chicken curry as a treat, tried to avoid having rice so had with it some steamed carrot batons, and had not just one, but 2 gin and tonics (4)!!! As I said it is practically the weekend and it’s been a very busy day!!

    Snacks: 2 x cadburys mini eggs (4), 1 x kit Kat (5)