Day 20

  So a busy start to the day and off to Aldi for 8am. Bought amples  of slimming meal products including meat, veg and dairy so can’t wait to get cooking. Downside, I bought some cheesy curls and have now eaten two bags (10). Breakfast: Banana  Lunch: last night curry, free lemon yogurt. Dinner: Beef … More Day 20

Day 19

Oh my, got through today but sooooo tired, and now I’m home, hubby has made a curry, and I’ve gone and poured a vino! The weekend synFest is about to begin… ouch, hopefully not, as football is on TV tonight, think I may be in bed very early. As days go, food wise it has … More Day 19

Day 18

Well I’ve got to day 18. Going to jump on the scales in the morning and see how I am faring!  I manned a stall today at a healthcare jobs fair, and although sandwiches and crisps were on offer at lunchtime, stuck with my pack up, and my flask of black coffee! This morning I … More Day 18

Day 16

Breakfast: Mullerlight yogurt ( bakewell tart flavour 2) and raspberries, grapes  Lunch: Home made peso pasta, smoked salmon and salad, apple Dinner: chicken risotto Snacks: coffee and curly wurly (6) and weight watchers bar (4) 100% on plan again!!!! Feeling quite determined.