3lb down, the ‘WWay’ to go!

No count

Well it’s took me a while to get my head round things! I’ve ordered cookbooks and guides from the weightwatchers site so hopefully I can soon get back to coooking diet dinners. But I’ve persevered!!!

Have opted for a while to use the ‘no count’ plan. It’s sort of slimming world but tweaked. Slimming bread IS allowed which is great; so bacon butties are back on the menu! All fruit, veg and lean meat are free so basically it’s a healthy meal plan where you count your treats.

Exploring the app, there is so much information on there. The ability to photograph a product barcode is fabulous as I can never get caught out when I’ve my phone on me. The App also has a connect section where the community gather and share stories… it’s so inpsirational, and with the encouraging emails and personal messages left on the app, and my fitbit linked in so earning points and getting additional points, I am really impressed… it is putting SW to shame! 

I’ve lost 3lb in a week, and can’t weight to see what the next few weeks hold!

Day 20

Beef and bacon chilli with brown pasta

So a busy start to the day and off to Aldi for 8am. Bought amples  of slimming meal products including meat, veg and dairy so can’t wait to get cooking.

Downside, I bought some cheesy curls and have now eaten two bags (10).

Breakfast: Banana 

Lunch: last night curry, free lemon yogurt.

Dinner: Beef and bacon chilli, brown pasta and soured Greek yogurt and Parmesan cheese (heA)

2 glasses of red wine (10) (ouch, slightly over in syns but have been busy washing the car, cleaning out the guineas, shopping and housework so hopefully it won’t all sit on my hips) 

Day 19

Oh my, got through today but sooooo tired, and now I’m home, hubby has made a curry, and I’ve gone and poured a vino! The weekend synFest is about to begin… ouch, hopefully not, as football is on TV tonight, think I may be in bed very early.

As days go, food wise it has gone well, I weighed myself this morning and feel the results are fairly okay, since Jan 1st, 1/2 a stone loss which is a steady start, especially as I did not start logging until 19 days ago!! 

So on day 19, I’ve eaten the following…

Breakfast: as pictured above, porridge with mullerlight bakewell yogurt (2) and defrosted raspberries

Lunch:  ham and boiled salad with a squidgen of mayo (1). Melon and grapes too

Dinner: SW curry, rice, the last of the pakoras and 2 glasses of red wine (11)

Snacks: A two finger kit Kat and coffee, and early night…zzzzzz

Day 18

Well I’ve got to day 18. Going to jump on the scales in the morning and see how I am faring! 

I manned a stall today at a healthcare jobs fair, and although sandwiches and crisps were on offer at lunchtime, stuck with my pack up, and my flask of black coffee!

This morning I cooked potato and pea pakoras (nearly made me late for work), but made plenty so they have been eaten at lunchtime, dinner time and a couple left for tomorrow evening’s curry.

Food Diary for the day is as follows:

Breakfast: banana, oats (heB), treacle mullerlight

Lunch: salad and pakoras

Dinner: chicken and spinach curry, pakoras, 2 babybel cheeses (heA), diet cola

Snacks: I sweet kinder thing (2), 1 kitkat (2 finger= 5)