Catch up … week 3

I’m still loving the ww plan, 

This week:


Breakfast: ham and cheese toastie

Lunch:big bowl of fruit

Dinner: quorn burger and healthy chips


Breakfast: overnight oats

Lunch: cottage cheese and bacon frittata (gorgeous almost soufflé like)

Dinner: vegetable stir fry


Breakfast: fruit

Lunch: courgette spaghetti and bolognese, somehow lost the photo???  (not convinced… courgette should be eaten like courgette)

Dinner: cheese and tomato toastie – it was a hectic night and needed quick fix


Breakfast: overnight oats

Lunch: tuna, pineapple and egg salad

Dinner: ww salmon and potato wedges in cheese sauce with salad


Breakfast: very berry fruit

Lunch: tuna wrap ( gorgeous)

Dinner: chicken curry and rice


Breakfast: bacon, advocado and salsa toastie ( divine!!)

Lunch: children’s party buffet nibbles ( hopefully made sensible choices)

Dinner: pasta carbonara (gorgeous, will be making on a regular basis as of now!)


Breakfast: bacon butty (my absolute favourite breakfast)

Dinner: chicken and vegetable risotto (gorgeous..)

To sum up my week, It’s been good… loving bringing a few bread items back into my diet.. the tuna wrap was such a treat. Bought a couple of ww cookbooks from The works and it’s given me some recipe inspiration so a bit of cooking needed for the next week. Hopefully the scales will be kind in the morning,  but nevertheless, the little changes I’m making (recording everything, using skimmed milk, weighing portions etc) have got to have an impact on the scales at some point… we shall see!!!


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