Catch up.. week 2 on WW

 A week of the new regime, minus 2 days in Buxton but still sticking to plan (cream scones a few vinos thrown in – counterbalanced  by plenty of walking) and I’m still 1lb down… 4lb in 2 weeks so very optimistic….

This week I’ve been prepping away to make sure I’m not tempted..

Day 1- fruit breakfast, egg and bacon salad and chicken ratatouille 

Day 2 crumpets and fruit, seafood pasta and quark, cottage pie with cauliflower and potato mash

Day 3 Berries and crumpets, left over cottage pie, fish and chipsDay 6 (2 days not photographed as in public eating and couldn’t take the photos!!!) scrambled egg on 2 thins, Sunday roast and jelly and fruit with a ww yogurtDay 7 cheese and ham toastie, fresh fruit and jelly, quorum burger and low fat chips with a home made salsaroll on week 3…….


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