Fail to prepare… then prepare to fail!!!

This is definitely the way forward… half an hours advanced preparation to help me avoid grabbing the unsavouries.. in particular bread. My love of storage containers is obviously paying off and I’ve prepared all my salad…oh, and I’ve discovered grated beetroot which just added a little zing. All I need now is a perfect light balsamic dressing, I have one but just need to jazz it up a little, so I will search some recipes online…ha, just call me Mrs Prepared!! 

Back to business .. day 1

Breakfast: yogurt. Lunch: Spanish salad. Dinner: Chicken and vegetable savoury rice. Snacks: 2 Ryvita and cheese, 2 mini cream eggs, 1 glass of vino, 1 kit Kat small.

Back from a fabulous trip to Barcelona and back on track with healthy food. The salads were inspiring and have made me consider keeping the salads fun will be a trick to shift a little weight. Today’s had in sweetcorn, eggs, ham, olives and new potatoes alongside the usual iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, spring onion and cucumber… and with a dash of very light mayo… it was gorgeous!! So here I go… back on track!