Day 32

Happy Thursday! And as it is practically the weekend, I started the day with a couple of boiled eggs!!! I have to confess, there is a gadget involved in cooking my eggs and without it, well I just wouldn’t be able to cook them…

There it is, the perfect egg boiler, and it’s Cheap as chips, well eggs from Amazon – less than £2 I think but as it makes my eggs fabulous, worth every penny!! 

So today, as stated, 

Breakfast: 2 (perfectly cooked) boiled eggs, 3 ryvita (heB) and breaking the rules, had butter (2) on them which I know is synful but, hey, I’m worth it 😉

Lunch: my vegetable and vegetable pasta, low fat cheese (heA) and afterwards, a massive tub of melon with grapes, 

Dinner: as a meal for one was in need, I went to Iceland and bought a Thai chicken curry as a treat, tried to avoid having rice so had with it some steamed carrot batons, and had not just one, but 2 gin and tonics (4)!!! As I said it is practically the weekend and it’s been a very busy day!!

Snacks: 2 x cadburys mini eggs (4), 1 x kit Kat (5)  


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