Day 30

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, we were in deep need of veg today… so I made vegetable and vegetable pasta!!

My total eatings today were….

Breakfast: consisted of overnight oats (heB), natural yogurt and mullerlight, and fresh and defrosted fruit… 

Lunch: left overs of stir fry from last night and a banana, and for

Dinner: my vegetable and vegetable pasta:


So with peppers, spring onion, garlic, onions, I’ve added mushrooms, carrots and courgettes, a tin of tomatoes, a carton of passata, a healthy handful of spinach and plenty of garlic…. I cooked in the PKP for 25 minutes on stew..

Then once cooked, added brown and white pasta, cooked for a further 4 minutes (pasta setting) and Bob’s your uncle… vegetables with vegetables pasta… with grated Parmesan on the top (heA) . yum!!! 

Snacks for the day: a chocolate biscuit (5), a bag of low fat crisps (5), a coffee and a kitkat (5)


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