Day 24

I’ve had a horrendous day today with a cyclist colliding with my car this morning (no serious injury sustained thankfully, but for me, a stressful morning, and evening trying with 55 minutes on the phone to car insurers), so have just eaten a quick frozen prepared meal tonight and although stuck to plan, have exceeded my syns with stress!!! A even more muchly needed glass of wine… or two.. still measuring though…

On a positive note, if I can draw one out of this disaster of a day, prepared meals, (the frozen left overs) are a god send in a time of need; my freezer is full of Chinese take away cartons filled with additional meals that would have ended up on our plate, had we not dished it up into these convenient containers. I label them with the contents and date of cooking and when the need arises… they are quick, syn free and allow me to keep to my diet without my comfort eating getting the better of me… hmmm shame the same can’t be said for my wine!!!!

so today 

Breakfast: fruit, ryvita and natural yogurt

Lunch: tuna mayo salad and a mallow (5)

Dinner: pasta and bolognese, a kitkat, 2 wines (15)


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