Day 41 

I’m still hanging in there though lost my way a little over the past few days, not hugely but enough to not dare document in my food diary… onward and upwards… I’ve had a great few days though; off to a comedy show on Friday, and then had a few drinks afterwards and a bit … More Day 41 

Day 38

Can you believe it, I’ve had a real breakfast this morning! Fruit and bran flakes with a banana and milk. Not bad, I still wanted my lunch from 11am onwards, But there again, I’m a greedy gannet! For lunch I had made my egg fried rice which I also had for dinner too. At lunch … More Day 38

Egg fried rice

2 small onions 1/2 red pepper 1 diced carrot 2 tsp Garlic 1 egg Frylite Basmati rice  2 tbsp soy sauce 400 ml chicken stock Frozen peas Ham On the meat setting of the PKP, fry onions and garlic until soft. Add egg and scramble it with other ingredients for 1-2 minutes. Add rice and … More Egg fried rice

Day 37 ❤️

Breakfast: Nibbled crab sticks whilst I was cooking this morning Lunch: potato and salmon tortilla and a yogurt Dinner: vegetables and vegetables pasta (leftovers out if the freezer) yogurt Snacks: a mini bottle of merlot, (7), a bag if crisps (6) a kitkat (5) Slightly over but it is Valentine’s Day!!  And I love my … More Day 37 ❤️