The Actifry

The Actifry; another clutter item in the kitchen cupboard  or an essential small appliance? 

To me, it is the latter. I love my Actifry and although it may not be used as often as some of my other devices (primarily the pressure king pro aka PKP) it’s still a chip lovers necessity and I can’t imagine oven cooking or fat frying chips ever again.

Having owned one for the past 4 years, they have increased very little in price. Despite other brands have produced similar products, I have no complaints my Tefal and if it was to break down, I would not hesitate to instantly replace it. We are on our third paddle but other than that, it is still going strong. 

It has cooked chicken and stir fry but generally I keep this just for my potatoes… thin chips, fat chips, potato scallops or roasties.. just a spray of frylite, a pinch of sea salt and 20 minutes cooking and you have the best cooked potatoes ever.. and they are 100% synfree.

So if you’re umming and ahhhing, thinking really, are they worth £100 pounds, then in my opinion, they are, the only mistake we made was buying the small one, the big one has a bigger capacity and I could then have more chips on my plate! 


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