Day 21

Breakfast: Porridge, yogurt and fruit

Lunch: Have eaten out… went for gnocchi, Stilton and mushroom main course (1 zillion syns), roasted veg and a glass of wine (5 syns) 

Snack: A free yogurt, a pack of quavers, bowl of berries, grapes and melon, 3 synless pizzas (another bloomin 4 syns for the wrap)

In total .. I’ve had over a zillion syns however… on the bright side, at least I’ve been very conscious of syn values and hopefully this has swayed my choices. I left some of the gnocchi on the plate (you did what I hear you cry), have been careful with my wine consumption knowing those little gremlin calories are packed inside, and have veered from the sweet snacking which often corrupts my will power and tomorrow, I’m back on the straight and narrow!!


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