Day 19

Oh my, got through today but sooooo tired, and now I’m home, hubby has made a curry, and I’ve gone and poured a vino! The weekend synFest is about to begin… ouch, hopefully not, as football is on TV tonight, think I may be in bed very early.

As days go, food wise it has gone well, I weighed myself this morning and feel the results are fairly okay, since Jan 1st, 1/2 a stone loss which is a steady start, especially as I did not start logging until 19 days ago!! 

So on day 19, I’ve eaten the following…

Breakfast: as pictured above, porridge with mullerlight bakewell yogurt (2) and defrosted raspberries

Lunch:  ham and boiled salad with a squidgen of mayo (1). Melon and grapes too

Dinner: SW curry, rice, the last of the pakoras and 2 glasses of red wine (11)

Snacks: A two finger kit Kat and coffee, and early night…zzzzzz


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