Day 14  Hanging onto the bandwagon!! 

Day 12 

Day 12 Went great during the day, then I had that Friday feeling (wine, maltezers, merriment) and it all went a little pear shaped during the evening… 

Day 13

The wagon was just running so fast, I just kept falling off; (home made lasagne, lots of vegetables, actifried potatoes then wine, cadburys mini eggs and a bag of crisps) Saturday celebrations and I’m on he slippery slope..

Slimming world lasagne

Day 14

Back on the cart but the temptations are still around me… it all started so well…

Breakfast: fruit and natural yogurt

Fruit and 100% fat free Greek yogurt

Lunch: lemon roast chicken, cabbage, cauliflower and actifried potatoes. Small spoonful of gravy granules (2)

Whole Chicken cooked in the PKP

Snack: jelly and raspberries (5), 2 glasses of red 175ml and I do measure (10), weight watchers caramel cake bar (4)

Flipping heck, and that was me trying to be good.

100% to plan tomorrow, my clothes need me to fit in them!!!!!


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