Ode to scraps

Ode to scraps!

I want to sing the praises of the leftovers, the bites,  oddments and slices that get abandoned in the abyss of the fridge, frankly, I want to big up ‘the scraps’….

Now back in the day, when I was a lass, (Hovis advert music playing in the background), we ate the leftovers! We made do. We got creative, we experimented, we put an A and B together together and were happy with a D. Bubble and squeak, frittatas and stews all created from what was left unwanted, and tonight, my evening meal was exactly that! My grandmother would be have been proud.

Turkey curry (made on Boxing Day), salt and pepper potatoes (new potatoes cooked in the actifry from 2 days ago) and mushrooms (that were edging on the realms of compost but were salvaged before things got too bad)!  You have to love the scraps as they make the best meals ever… waste not, want not! Let’s sing it from the roof top… don’t throw it… we waaaaaaant it! Yum!


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