Meal planning

For me, weekly pre-planning my meals is not only cost effective, it reduces the risk of sabotage and temptation!

I couldn’t count the amount of times I’ve rushed and neglected any lunch preparation; grabbing a bag of crisps and a sugary chew bar and then buying a lazy lunch (when the deli van stops at work)  that may be a full fat tuna mayonnaise roll, a Red Leicester cheese salad where the grated cheese is exploding out of the white crusty cob or a Brie and cranberry bagel (oh my, gorgeous) and ruining any plans for a healthy day… I may even sneak in a pack of bacon wheat crunches just to top up my salt levels and add an additional layer of fat to my muffin top waistline..

So thinking ahead for the week is the answer, no surprises, no qualms and more importantly no guilt.

This week, I’ve provisionally planned the weekly meals, they may change (especially on Sunday as we may eat out for lunch) but hey ho, at least it’s a starting point..



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