Day 10

Home made potato salad and ham
Hey!!! I’m in double figures!! 10 days and still loving eating healthily and making meals until my hearts content!  No hunger pangs and although my portions look pretty mammoth, I’m having no hunger pangs and am definitely staying off the crisps (my real downfall)! Fingers crossed, with a week on track, I’ll see some progress on the scales 👍

My edibles for the day are as follows;

Breakfast: same as yesterday 4 x ryvita (heB), sliced banana and yogurt

Lunch: Ham salad and potato salad made with new potatos, light mayonnaise (3 syns approx), Parmesan cheese (heA) and chilli flakes! So nice!!!

Snack: 1 pack of ww popcorn (guess 2 syns), milk in a tea and a coffee (syns 2)


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