Day 9

Ryvita, banana and yogurt
It has been a day of delicious food; this is when slimming is at it’s best. Definitely the key is planning, no ad hoc meals, no letting hunger rear its ugly head (and belly).

Breakfast is always a chore for me as although I love being up early, eating at dawn is not my cup of tea (urgh).. I’m not a big fan of the fry up and porridge or stodgy starts don’t appeal.. so this morning I opted for ryvita (heB) with banana and yogurt and it was lovely.

At lunch I made myself and the OH sweet potato and chilli patties. I thought they were good but hubs really enjoyed them ( trust me, when he repeats several times how nice they were, I’m onto a winner). I mixed sweet chilli sauce with low fat mayo as a topper and that seemed to spruce up the salad too (2 syns)


Sweet potato and chilli patties
Beef and mushroom stew
And to finish my day off ( yes, I was still able to stuff my face more), I used my PKP to make a mushroom and beef stew and then kept that warm whilst I cooked some rice and green beans in it also. Really tasty.

Topping off my night, I’ll go for a curly wurly and milky coffee (to ensure I’ve had my heA) and I’ll be done for the day.


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