The Pressure King Pro

The pressure king pro

Now I can be a little obsessed with kitchen gadgets; the soup maker (makes soup to perfection), the slow cooker (a godsend to working women), the blenders, the stand alone mixers, the raclette etc etc but the PKP really has met and exceeded my expectations. 

I originally saw it on the TV adverts, viewed at 5.00 am before TV programmes begin and they convinced me my life would not be worth living without this gadget.. to the point where they stated my kitchen cupboard contents could be reduced to basically nothing if I exchange everything for this device… but I withheld the urge to purchase.. 

I went on holiday and on my return decided to make a tuna bake in the slow cooker… it took hours and hours for a bloomin’ tuna bake!! I decided there and then that the empty hole in my life needed to be filled with the pressure king pro and after hunting for the best price, purchased it.

And it is brilliant. Scary but brilliant. All that steam; I recall my mum having a pressure cooker and I never quite grasped the concept of this hissing and squealing contraption that she used to cook the spuds yet owning one myself, I’m converted and an avid pressure cooking fan. I’ve cooked porridge and roasts, veggies and stews and best of all the pasta dishes where you cook the sauce, then add the pasta for 4 minutes to ensure the pasta is cooked to perfection.

I thought the fast cooking time would be the deal clincher but to me it’s the washing up element, the reduction in pots and not using my hob really makes it a joy. I’ve joined some PKP sites and they even go as far as ordering another inner pot so they can cook one dish after another (I will get one when they are back in stock).

I’ve even ordered some fabulous fish/chicken pouches for it and hopefully once they arrive (from Hong Kong) I will experiment more.. loving it but they have duped me a little… kitchen cupboards are still rammed!! 


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