Day 8

Overnight oats breakfast and crustless quiche lunch
Curry and salad

Another day done and back in the healthy zone.

Breakfast: I had my overnight oats for breakfast (oats heB, yogurt, grapes and raspberries) with a banana

Lunch: crustless mini quiches with a large salad for lunch (heA with cheese) 

Dinner: SW left over curry with a large salad.

Nibbles: 125ml wine (last drop and couldn’t waste it), low fat crisps and a 2 finger kit Kat with my coffee (16 syns) 

Must increase my water intake as have been so thirsty today at work… though this may also be down to the amount of talking I do all day!! Maybe if I just imagine it’s wine I may drink gallons of the stuff 🍷


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