And so the annual diet plans begin…

Oh flippin’ heck, it’s that time of year again, I’m reading the diet magazines and reviewing recipes in a bid to lose a few pounds (uh hum stone!!) 

Going to try and be good and record my consumption just to keep me on track, even with some arranged meals planned with friends, I’m still going to try to be honest and jot it down, increase my exercise (which means walk the dog a little further every day) and make a conscious effort to reduce the intake of my beloved Pinot noir!!! 

So having the last of the xmas food tonight; Heston Blumenthal’s lemon curd mince pie (oh my, they are soooo good and only 7.5 billion calories per portion), then healthy, healthy, healthy meals for me as much as possible 😕

And as Olivia newton john may have sang, had she have been overweight.. and called Dee…”Goodbye to Fattttttyyyyy Deeee”…


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