Day 23

Day 23 has been a day of lots of fish, however hubby feeling as though he is overdosing on vegetables!! Breakfast: porridge, fruit and natural yogurt (heB) but much too bitter- will use mullerlight next time  Lunch: Smoked salmon salad with a splash of horseradish salad cream (2) and treacle mullerlight Dinner: Mediterranean cod, new … More Day 23

Day 22

Happy Monday!, a new week and a new lease of life to get losing.. I’ve had some lovely grub today, though am still needing to refer to my weekly planner to keep me focused.  My scoffing’s for the day are as follows: Breakfast: fruity basket (defrosted red fruit, melon, grapes and banana) with natural yogurt … More Day 22

The Actifry

The Actifry; another clutter item in the kitchen cupboard  or an essential small appliance?  To me, it is the latter. I love my Actifry and although it may not be used as often as some of my other devices (primarily the pressure king pro aka PKP) it’s still a chip lovers necessity and I can’t … More The Actifry

Synless mini pizzas

 Synless mini pizzas (for 2 people)  3 Whole meal tortilla wraps (cut 4 circles out of each wrap with a cookie cutter) heB Tomato purée Any free topping Light mozzarella cheese (heA) Frylite a muffin tin. Spread a teaspoon of tomato purée on the wrap base, then layer your toppings. I used a little ham … More Synless mini pizzas

Day 21

Breakfast: Porridge, yogurt and fruit Lunch: Have eaten out… went for gnocchi, Stilton and mushroom main course (1 zillion syns), roasted veg and a glass of wine (5 syns)  Snack: A free yogurt, a pack of quavers, bowl of berries, grapes and melon, 3 synless pizzas (another bloomin 4 syns for the wrap) In total … More Day 21